Ophthalmic lens design has been exclusive of Big Multinationals for too long. At IOT we believe that this advantage from the leaders is disappearing with the advent of free-form technology. Our believe is that those Rx-Labs, who strive to succeed and grow, will have to innovate and launch a complete range of high quality products. Free-form machinery puts at the Labs disposal the production systems required for achieving the mentioned goal, but just the machinery can’t be creative. Imagen de científicos en un lab, o de algo que evoque la idea de I+D.

At IOT we wish to be your R+D department, we wish to innovate and develop exclusive designs based on your business strategy, providing your company with a entire portfolio products which will make you gain a better market position. Creation of brand is not easy, but mixing first-class products with an in-depth knowledge you will have more opportunities to compete in term of quality with the flagship corporations into the ophthalmic sector.

Our LDS includes a unique range of services which will make you feel as having a group of scientists working at your lab.

As part of a continuous R+D effort, IOT participates in several research projects including #RTC-2016-4822-6, entitled “Nano-structured materials of variable refractive index for the optical industry”. The objective of this project, done in cooperation with the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, is the development of new optical materials for the ophthalmic industry. IOT was awarded leadership of this project from the Spanish ministry of economy, industry and competitiveness in 2016. The development of new optical materials, coupled with the design capabilities of IOT, could offer in the near future more comprehensive solutions for our customers.



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