IOT is more than a provider of cutting-edge technology for free-form lens design. IOT is a corporation committed to its customers’ needs.

Close to the customer:
IOT is more than a free-form software vendor. IOT wants to be your partner in lens design and R&D. IOT seeks a close, long-term interaction with its customers, to engage in a constant innovation process.

New technologies come full of new concepts, terms, expressions and parameters. This could make it difficult for users and buyers of this new technology to understand it correctly, and even more, to communicate the advantages to the final wearer. IOT fights against this language barrier providing customers and users with all the clear, transparent, technical information that they need.

Each Rx-Lab has a unique business strategy, and there is not a unique solution for everyone. IOT FUTURA® has been developed from scratch as a flexible solution that can be easily adapted for each customer, with different designs and different levels of lens personalization.


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