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Nowadays people past their fifties or sixties have very active lifestyles. Practicing sports or driving for hours are common tasks for progressive lens wearers. This kind of activities could be classified as outdoor activities, and the visual demands for these environments are notably different from the standard demands of PAL users. Due to the growth of sporty consumers of progressive lenses the Sport and Drive lenses are opening an interesting niche market.

Visual requirements for practicing sports and for driving are not exactly the same but both have a common factor, far vision is crucial. Also dynamic vision is very important when things around you are in constant movement, so these two variables have to be underlined.

For a Lab, IOT Outdoor series brings the possibility to offer high performance solutions for those progressive wearers with an active lifestyle that enjoy practicing sports.

The most advanced calculation technology is used to create the customized lens that is optimum for each wearer’s outdoor activities. Digital Ray-Path takes into account personalization parameters that will improve wearer experience.


Design Name Technology Type Far Near Comfort MFH Available
OUTDOOR SERIES Sport Progressive DigitalRayPath Outdoor 16, 18 mm
Driving Progressive DigitalRayPath Outdoor 18 mm



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