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Oblique aberration optimization

The obliquity of light rays reaching the lens’ surface causes the appearance of unwanted astigmatism and unwanted power errors on the light beam, called oblique aberrations. In oblique gaze directions, this effect causes a loss of visual acuity to a lens’ wearer due to significant differences between the power required by the eye and the power provided by the lens. This effect reduces the visual field for a wearer looking at the sides of a lens, and it is specially significant in the near region of a progressive lens.

Conventional lenses, wether single-vision or PALs, cannot avoid this uncomfortable effect, nevertheless the free-form generators have the capability of cutting back-side surfaces totally customized with nearly unlimited degrees of freedom.

Digital Ray-Path technology compensates this unwanted effect, and produces an individual lens that eliminates oblique aberrations for the lens in its real position of use.

Loss of visual acuity due to oblique aberrations Digital Ray-Path eliminates oblique aberrations



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