IOT Lens Design Software, known as IOT Futura®, is a flexible calculation platform devised from its beginning to adapt to the Rx-Labs needs. Each version is customized for each user or Lab, making this tool always a unique system.

IOT Futura® calculation platform implements any type of design and three levels of technology, no other LDS in the market offers so high customization options, IOT Futura® has been created to be the flagship tool in the optical sector.

Calculation process is fast enough to follow the fastest production capacity of any machinery in the market, just 20 seconds to calculate a pair of customized progressive lenses.

This advanced platform is totally compliant to any free-form lens machinery of the market; it could be integrated in any free-form line. Also it is compliant to the most common Lab Management Systems.

This software will be installed in the Lab facilities , no remote servers or internet depending systems, the complete calculation platform will be at the same location as your machinery, guarantying and effective working.

IOT Futura ® communication Scheme

IOT Futura LDS receives all the necessary information from the Lab Management System (LMS). Prescription, Wrap, Tilt, and morphological parameters are taken into account to calculate the customized surface which adapts best to the data received, creating a lens that is always optimized for every wearer. After the calculation, that takes less than 20 seconds for a pair of lenses, the LDS sends the surface file back to the LMS, which will take it to the free-fom machines that will cut and polish the lens.

IOT Futura is compliant with the specifications for LDS Input and Output from the latest versions of the Data Communication Standard, guaranteeing an optimum integration in the production process.




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