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Occupational lenses are designed for intermediate and near environment (computer and reading). Undoubtedly, these lenses are the best choice to work at near-intermediate distance where reading glasses are inadequate and progressive lenses have limitations in the visual field.

An occupational lens is the perfect complement to your current progressive or bifocal lenses, as they provide the freedom to work on your computer, at your desk, read a book or cook. Indoor environments are the adequate place for wearing this kind of lenses.

Occupational lenses allow users to work in a natural posture due to their power distribution, especially conceived for indoor environments. Thanks to the expanded near-intermediate visual fields of occupational designs wearers will reduce their necessary back and head movements.

Design Name Technology Type Far Near Comfort MFH Available
INDOOR SERIES Office Reader Surface Power Indoor 14, 18 mm
Pure Office Surface Power Indoor 18 mm
Acomoda DigitalRayPath Anti-Fatigue - - - 14 mm

Instant Adaptation

Occupational designs are also soft designs with a comfortable transition between distances. The focusing point is really easy to find, reducing the adaptation time. Mixing expanded near-intermediate fields with soft transitions the final result is a top comfortable lens with nearly instant adaptation.



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