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Digital Ray-Path patented technology is the state-of-the-art technology based on a revolutionary eye-lens model. The lenses (because the model is fully binocular) can be at any position with respect to the eyes, they can have prism, pantoscopic tilt, wrapping angle, any shape contour, and can be located at any distance from the eye. Digital Ray-Path will manage back and front surfaces with any complexity, not just spherical, torical or standard aspherical or atorical surfaces. The object space is variable. Depending on the lens that we want to optimize, each object is located at the distance it will really be in the real world. The rays will come from any point of the object space into the retina of the eye. Skew rays are possible, and finite size pupils are considered. Finally, image quality is computed by means of an imaging model taking into account eye and lens characteristics.

In summary this unique calculation method studies all the variables which may have some effect on final vision quality. The precision achieved by this model is so high that the final results are much more exact than other models. Due to this accurate calculation the final lens provide of the custom power needs to each customer in every gaze direction.

This type of designs represents the highest optical quality and advanced technology of the market. Lenses produced with this technology are top quality products, with a complete personalization.

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