IOT started as a Joint-Venture between members of the Optics Department at the University Complutense of Madrid and the software company Indizen Technologies. Since the beginning, IOT focused its efforts to combine in-depth knowledge of ophthalmic optics with enterprise-level software development. This combination of skills was oriented to create the first company specialized exclusively in free-form lens design.

From the beginning, IOT has considered free-form technology as the key innovation that will let independent Rx-labs be successful in this increasingly demanding industry. But harnessing the potential of free-form technology requires more than just new polishing and cutting machines. IOT offers the rest of the ingredients: accesible know-how on advanced free-form lenses, custom-made state-of-the-art lens designs and exclusive service. Working together with IOT, any independent Rx-Lab can be as innovative and competitive as the big leaders of the industry. With this idea in mind, and as the result of a continuous effort in R&D, IOT launched the first version, an innovative Lens Design Software (LDS). Ever since then, this revolutionary technology is being constantly improved and expanded with the feedback from our customers.

Nowadays, IOT has attained a pre-eminent position as a provider of Free-form Lens Designs. IOT offers a reliable partnership to its customers all around the globe, contributing to their success through constant innovation.

In early 2010 IOT joined in partnership with Younger Optics, based in Torrance California, to help expand its business in North America, and around the world, by forming IOT of America, a sales and support division focused on customer care in the Americas.



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