IOT is a company specialized in lens design. We don’t sell lenses, blanks or consumables; we just sell designs to labs with free-form capacity. The whole company is focused on delivering the best quality in free-form designs. This high degree of specialization makes IOT a unique company in the lens industry worldwide.

IOT is proud of being an independent company. We want to be the partner of choice for those labs that believe in running their own business independently, making their own decisions.

Independent Labs with free-form technology can now produce lenses with the same level of quality and sophistication as the big global players in the industry. At the same time, they can offer a better service to opticians and optometrists, due to proximity and personalized attention. This competitive advantage should bring excellent opportunities for those labs.

With these possibilities, why would a lab want to produce lens designs from other big companies, many of them also their competitors? IOT gives you the chance to offer your own and exclusive products, and start building your own and differentiated image!



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